One month and counting

When I booked my flight to Hong Kong two months ago, my late April departure date seemed so far away. Now it’s a month from today!

I still remember that night Tom and I decided to buy those tickets to Hong Kong. I couldn’t believe I was going to return to a place I hadn’t stopped thinking about for the last 14 years. And to prepare for the jet lag we’re sure to experience, I didn’t sleep a wink that night, tossing and turning and imagining all the places I need to revisit on those four short days.

We must go to Stanley. Here my mom and I are posing in front of a waterfront restaurant in Stanley. While I do need to buy Chinese trinkets for my kids, and can get those at Stanley Market, I look forward to bus ride from Central down along the southern rim of Hong Kong Island. It was always a nice refuge after a week of classes up in the countryside.

Eating will be another top priority in Hong Kong. Maybe not a dai pai dong from the get go (or at all), but I always had fun dining in these outdoor stalls. (I took this photo in Taipo with my mom and uncle in 1996.)

Shopping is another must. I have a list for friends and family in the US, plus I’d love to pick up a couple of cheongsams off the rack at G.O.D. for myself.

I already have plans to go back to my original home in Hong Kong–the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I promise not to mope when I leave it this time. (In this photo, I’m back in Hong Kong for a quick two days in 1991 before my dad and I go up to Shanghai and Beijing for a couple of weeks. I don’t know if I’ll ever see Hong Kong and the Chinese University again. As it turns out, I return three years later.)

In front of dorm at Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1991

I won’t ride in any fancy cars (no cars besides perhaps an infrequent taxi), but will return to this scene where I graduated in 1996. We’ll have lunch at the staff canteen (to the right of this photo) with some friends that Friday I’m in Hong Kong.

Just one more month!

Courtesy of the HKTA



  1. says

    The wait can be excruciating. But I am sure you will have a lot of memories to share after your trip down memory lane, especially after such a long time. We readers can feel and share in your excitement! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  2. says

    Have a safe flight to Hong Kong with Tom, and hopefully you will also meet Shannon. I’m curious to read, when you come back, about your observations about the changes in HK from your last trip.

    • Susan Blumberg-Kason says

      Thank you! Yes, we already have lunch plans (and maybe a walking tour) with Shannon on our last day! I’m so excited to see old and new friends there. I’ll definitely have a lot to report and many photos to share. Thanks again!

  3. says

    Good grief, that’s Chris Patten’s Roller… I’d recognise that thumping great crown anywhere!

    We’re so close to Hong Kong, but we’ll probably never get there – between endless paperwork, and Ellen’s lack of any real time off, it might as well be on the Moon.

    I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Shame you can’t duck up to see us in Tianjin!

    • Susan Blumberg-Kason says

      I totally forgot that was his car! He signed my diploma and spoke at the graduation.

      Ah, yes, the paperwork. I remember those days. I hope you can get back to Hong Kong sometime soon. It would be great to get your impressions of it since you were last there.

      I wish we could have more time in Hong Kong and make it up to China. Next time!

    • Susan Blumberg-Kason says

      Thank you so much, Van! I’ve thought about this trip so much, it’s like I’ve already gone and come back!

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