Vintage travel tags

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On Friday I packed the younger kids into the station wagon and headed to Trader Joe’s in search of shumai and coconut shrimp. But before I reached the frozen section, this fun card grabbed my attention.

I love vintage travel tags.

Along the top, I spotted stickers from Paris, Casablanca (Hotel Excelsior), Shanghai (Palace Hotel), and Florence.

The stickers in the middle sections include Montevideo, Germany, Mexico City (Hotel Reforma), Lido, Rome, Capri, Naples, Dubrovnik, and Prague.

And along the bottom, France (Hotel Terminus), San Diego (Hotel del Coronado), Singapore (Raffles Hotel), and Havana.

Of the 17 places listed above, I’ve been to Shanghai, Florence, Mexico City, Rome, Prague, Singapore, and Havana. I even stayed at the former Palace (now Peace) Hotel and sat on the veranda of the Raffles while my parents sipped Singapore Slings.


  1. Tim Booher says

    This is a great card! I have a frame that has a vintage tag design on it. I have a picture of me and two friends in it when we summited Fuji-san.

  2. vanessa says

    i love these vintage luggage labels, so colourful and evocative of a bygone era. the closest i got to the legendary raffles was walking around the front gardens wondering about the ‘ghost’. i spent 3 days in the singapore hyatt, courtesy of british airways, when our aircraft nearly ‘lost it’ in 1975 (scary adventure for me and brother)

    • Susan Blumberg-Kason says

      Oh, my. What a scary adventure that must have been. Thank goodness the plane and all of you were all right! We didn’t stay at the Raffles, but couldn’t resist going to check it out along with all the hundreds of tourists! I think some of the labels you’ve posted are just as cool as these!

    • Susan Blumberg-Kason says

      Thanks so much, Van! I wish I had had one, too. Must have looked odd sitting there with a Diet Coke! I don’t know what I was thinking.

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