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With the Sandmeyers

Happy Book Birthday!

Good Chinese Wife is one year old today! It's been a year beyond expectation and would take another book to thank everyone who read my memoir, promoted it, and wrote reviews. These are just some photos that highlight events this first year. My book launch was held at Sandmeyer's Bookstore in Chicago on my publication date. 80 friends and family showed up that evening. I was … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Wedding Motorcade, Hidden River, 1995

Photo Friday

Twenty years ago tomorrow, this is what I was doing.Wedding motorcade:Red qipao:Fancy food at my family's table:Food for … [Read More]

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For the first time as a mother, I've had eight days of 5-hour stretches completely to myself. Two of my kids were in all-day day camp and the other was either volunteering at sleepover camp or on a college tour a time zone away.So what did I do with all … [Read More]

Won Kow

I dragged my little kids and husband out to Chinatown this morning to attend the annual Chinatown Summer Fair. We've experienced above-average temperatures this weekend (97F yesterday and 91F today), so we left home before the sun was at its hottest.The … [Read More]

Frommers HK

When I was researching Shanghai for a manuscript that's now been put on hold, I turned to guidebooks from the periods for which I was writing. As a guidebook author myself, I find them to be somewhat telling of the times in which they take place. In Good … [Read More]