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The Hundred Flowers Project

Last night I met my mom and friend Helen in Chicago to see a play at the Silk Road Rising Theater. The Hundred Flowers Project by Christopher Chen is advertised as an experiential performance.Set in present time, it's a play within a play. A theater company is performing a play about the Hundred Flowers Campaign in China, where Mao encouraged people to critique the … [Read More]

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temple in wan chai

Photo Friday

Although Hong Kong is a modern city, it's still possible to find a street like busy Queen's Road East, where old meets new.Tom and I came across this temple on … [Read More]

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With Sonali Dev

Three months ago I met author Sonali Dev outside Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois. I had just finished my first book reading and Sonali recognized me from Facebook. We started talking about our debut books, both out this year. When I found out that … [Read More]

Books at Andersons

Even though I obviously have no problem promoting Good Chinese Wife, I have been rather lax about asking for reviews.Until now.If you've read Good Chinese Wife and of course have time, I would love if you could write a quick Amazon review. Nothing … [Read More]


For our last day in Hong Kong, Tom and I met my friends Erica and Jacqueline to tour the Western District. This is another area we didn't see on our trip to Hong Kong two years ago. We took a short tram ride from Central to Western Market.Street … [Read More]