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GOOD CHINESE WIFE blog tour schedule!

I am beyond excited to announce the blog tour that will usher in Good Chinese Wife and continue on for another month past the publication date of July 29th!Speaking of China's Jocelyn Eikenburg helped put together the first two weeks, which will include FOUR giveaways! So be sure to check these sites for instructions on how to enter!My publisher will have a few … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Mexico City

Photo Friday

This photo has nothing to do with Good Chinese Wife, but when I think about the time I spent abroad when my memoir takes place, I can't help but think about the … [Read More]

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When I found out that Barnes and Noble is selling Good Chinese Wife already, I ordered a copy online last Thursday. With the Fourth of July holiday in the US the following day, the normal turnaround time for shipping was delayed a bit. But thanks to electronic … [Read More]


I've been so focused on my July 29th publication date that I was completely blindsided when a friend informed me last week that his copy of Good Chinese Wife was waiting for him at a Barnes and Noble in Honolulu!It had to have been a mistake, I … [Read More]

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For my 16th birthday, I had it all planned out. I would take my driving test on my birthday and the next day treat seven of my friends to Sunday brunch. I borrowed my uncle's eight-passenger station wagon for the occasion.But then I failed the driving test … [Read More]