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Sandmeyers Shelves

Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

I love independent bookstores and was super excited to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day today at Sandmeyer's in Chicago, site of my book launch last summer!When we arrived, I told the kids they could each pick out a book. They were so excited and spent quite a while perusing the shelves. With help from Mrs. Sandmeyer, the kids found books.Just as we were … [Read More]

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Photo Friday


Photo Friday

I found another photo of Jake and me shortly after I left San Francisco and returned to Chicago. Jake is about two years old here and we're eating dim sum in … [Read More]

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PowerHouse chalkboard

I just came back from three days in New York, where I took part in three book events, saw old friends, and spent a leisurely day with my brother.My first event was in Park Slope at PowerHouse on 8th. If I were to open a bookstore, this is what I'd want it … [Read More]

2 Duck Goose window

I'm always on the lookout for innovative Chinese restaurants. So when I read about 2 Duck Goose in Brooklyn last year, I was determined to go there the next time I was in town.I suggested the restaurant to my brother and friend, Jean, so we headed … [Read More]


I would by lying if I said I didn't obsessively check my Amazon ranking every day. But what I really live for is Friday morning when I can see my sales for the past week. Amazon has a cool site called Author Central, which not only tracks Amazon sales, but … [Read More]