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With Nancy Cavanaugh

An evening with Nancy Cavanaugh

This weekend I had a great time attending the book launch party for Middle Grade fiction author Nancy J. Cavanaugh and her new book, Always, Abigail (Sourcebooks, 2014). Nancy is not only a local author, but we share the same, fabulous publisher!Her event was fun and colorful with decorations that matched her gorgeous book covers. Check out this beautiful cake!I … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

intense signing pose

Photo Friday

Just one more photo from Wednesday's reading. My friend Yuting brought her kids to the bookstore and took this photo of me. I'm signing a book and talking at the … [Read More]

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With my audience

So I had my first book reading last night, which meant it was the first time I read from Good Chinese Wife in front of an audience.Look at Anderson's events flyer. I about fainted when I saw my name listed below Rebecca Makkai. I'm reading her book, … [Read More]

Park Slope

The last week has been fun and exciting with the official release of Good Chinese Wife! I blogged about the wonderful launch party, attended by more than 80 friends and family. On Thursday I was featured in a lovely write-up in the Wall Street Journal.But … [Read More]


Last night at my book launch party, I told the story of why I was so adamant about holding it at Sandmeyer's Bookstore in Chicago. But when I first talked to Mrs. Sandmeyer about it back in January, she asked if I could guarantee 30 people. I thought I could, … [Read More]