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HK print 2

Treasures from my aunt’s garage

Last week my aunt informed me that she and my uncle had found in their garage some old Hong Kong prints my grandparents had given them decades ago. They had never framed these pictures and were all too happy to hand them over to me.And of course I was excited to see--and own--them. What could they look like? I hoped they weren't oil paintings one would find in tourist traps … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Tiger Balm pig

Photo Friday

I feel so lucky I was able to see Tiger Balm Gardens in Hong Kong before it was demolished. The Gardens were top on the sightseeing itineraries of my mom and … [Read More]

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fat rice

Ever since I started going to Fat Rice, my mom has been wanting to join us. And today we finally had that chance. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than hanging out with family at one of our favorite restaurants anywhere. To start off, we met in the … [Read More]

Panel at Book Stall

I normally don't take my kids out after school. They do no outside activities except for an after-school science class held at the school once a week. But when I found out that two friends were going to be on a panel of middle grade authors to celebrate … [Read More]

Sandmeyers Shelves

I love independent bookstores and was super excited to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day today at Sandmeyer's in Chicago, site of my book launch last summer!When we arrived, I told the kids they could each pick out a book. They were so excited and … [Read More]