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Winter wedding

In Good Chinese Wife, I don't write about my Chicago wedding reception (not enough room and it didn't really move the story forward). But I recently found photos from that party and thought I'd share some!My parents booked a lovely space at the old Printers Row Hyatt in Chicago. (It's now another hotel). Here I am wearing my red qipao from Suzhou, sitting with family and … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Mom in HK

Photo Friday

I was at my mom's last week and found some unmarked negatives that, at first glance, looked like photos from Hong Kong. Without prints to accompany them, I had no … [Read More]

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Apartment gate

Last week I posted newly discovered photos from my house in San Francisco during the years of Good Chinese Wife. Also included in that stack of 1996 photos were a bunch from the apartment where I lived after graduate school. So without further ado, I'd like to … [Read More]

Living room

I was so excited to recently find these old photos from my house in San Francisco. If you've read Good Chinese Wife, you may recall some of these rooms. They were where I spent the last two years of my first marriage. This was the house on Newhall … [Read More]

At Grad School Canteen 1996

I love finding old photos that I haven't seen in years, maybe decades. And when those photos were taken in Hong Kong, even better. Before the days of the camera phone, it took a special effort to take photos--and keep them. So I'm thrilled to show these from … [Read More]