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Hong Kong cards

I've been up to my ears in holiday cards: sending, reordering (twice!), and of course receiving them. So what better time to shamelessly blog about my obsession with cards from Hong Kong?On my last trip there, I bought a ton of cards with no intention of sending them out. Hoarders, take note! I found these at Goods of Desire in Stanley:When we went back to the … [Read More]

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temple in wan chai

Photo Friday

Although Hong Kong is a modern city, it's still possible to find a street like busy Queen's Road East, where old meets new.Tom and I came across this temple on … [Read More]

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Maptote Hong Kong

I've been enjoying other bloggers' gift recommendations this month and now have many great ideas. So I've put together my own list of things I have and love:My crazy obsession with bags and purses from Hong Kong!It started 20 years ago when I moved … [Read More]

qipao twenty years later

Writing a book like Good Chinese Wife forced me to relive many difficult events in my past. So when I dug out my wedding qipao from the summer I was 24, I had mixed feelings.On one hand, I'm happy I still have the dress. It was so difficult to find a … [Read More]


Last night I met my mom and friend Helen in Chicago to see a play at the Silk Road Rising Theater. The Hundred Flowers Project by Christopher Chen is advertised as an experiential performance.Set in present time, it's a play within a play. A theater … [Read More]