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Golden Dragon

Kowloon Betrayal

Have you ever felt loyal to a certain part of town? In Chicago, the north siders and the south siders are fiercely protective of their territories, which are defined by baseball teams, parades, and airports.I kind of feel the same when it comes to Hong Kong. Although there isn't a district there that I don't like, I have to say that Kowloon is my favorite part of the … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Bukak Park Seoul

Photo Friday

The great thing about being a teenager in the 80s is that there's a huge chance you look better now than you did back then. At least that's what I'm telling myself … [Read More]

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It's been a busy weekend with hair appointments, a Girl Scout Daisies meeting, a post-meeting Indian dinner with my co-leader and our husbands, Sunday School, and a Passover seder a day early.And in all that excitement, I've been giving out my new … [Read More]

Outside dorm window 1990

When I first starting writing GOOD CHINESE WIFE, I thought the natural starting point of the story should include my first year in Hong Kong. Or at the very least I figured it had to be included in this book. It was my first impression of Hong Kong, after … [Read More]

Susan in Happy Valley mid 90s

Last week I learned I have a new publication date. Instead of July 1st, it has been changed to July 29th so the Publicity Department at Sourcebooks can fully maximize their magic. I love it and that's why I was so excited to sign with Sourcebooks!In the … [Read More]