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inside mooncake box

Mooncakes and then some

Today I took my kids to the Chicago Peninsula to pick up our mooncake order. It was the first time I've been in the general vicinity of the Pen since the Mid-Autumn Festival last week. But the Pen was taking orders for pick-up through tomorrow, so we got there just in time.Just before we left for the Pen with my mom, I decided to book a reservation for lunch at Shanghai … [Read More]

Book of the Week


Book of the week–Evergreen

I have to admit that I first heard of Rebecca Rasmussen's new novel, Evergreen (Knopf, 2014) when I went to check out my own book. But I'm so glad I learned about it … [Read More]

Photo Friday

Batu Caves KL

Photo Friday

One more photo from the stack I rediscovered last weekend. My mom took this photo of me snapping a shot of the Batu Caves in Malaysia, near Kuala Lumpur.Although … [Read More]

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With RDW

Tonight I braved the elements to attend a reading for one of my favorite authors. I first learned of Rachel DeWoskin when she wrote her ground-breaking China memoir, Foreign Babes in Beijing (Norton, 2005) and have loved all her subsequent books.She has a … [Read More]

Cathay Cinema Kuching

I remember seeing the Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell movie, Green Card, when I went to Malaysia with my mother.But it wasn't until I became reacquainted with my travel photos this past weekend that I realized it was at this lovely old Cathay … [Read More]

E and O 2

I had a close call in Penang, Malaysia. Back when I traveled there with my mom, I was super stubborn and didn't want to spend a lot of money on hotels/hostels. But my mom was determined to stay at the grand old Eastern & Oriental Hotel.There was a … [Read More]