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It's hard to believe Tom and I left for Hong Kong two weeks ago tomorrow. Or that we've been home for a week.It was such a magical trip that we're still talking about it just as much as we talk about our kids--which is all the time.But when I think back to the day we left, I can't help but marvel that I sat through a 16-hour flight in the middle seat and survived! Now I … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Singapore synagogue 1994

Photo Friday

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year, I dug up this photo from 20 years ago when my parents and I traveled to Singapore. We found the Maghain Aboth … [Read More]

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For our last day in Hong Kong, Tom and I met my friends Erica and Jacqueline to tour the Western District. This is another area we didn't see on our trip to Hong Kong two years ago. We took a short tram ride from Central to Western Market.Street … [Read More]

Museum at KWCP

For decades I've been obsessed with the concept of the Kowloon Walled City, a slum of cramped apartment buildings that surrounded an old Chinese yamen, or government building, not too far from the old Kai Tak Airport. The history is absolutely fascinating, and … [Read More]

Pawn shop from tram

On our second day in Hong Kong, I brought Tom to the Jewish cemetery, which wasn't too far from our hotel. To get there, we walked past cemeteries of all the major religions. The Muslim cemetery was across from our hotel.We also passed a Catholic … [Read More]