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It's been a busy weekend with hair appointments, a Girl Scout Daisies meeting, a post-meeting Indian dinner with my co-leader and our husbands, Sunday School, and a Passover seder a day early.And in all that excitement, I've been giving out my new bookmark! My publisher, Sourcebooks, designed it and sent me several hundred of them on Friday. Here's the front:And the … [Read More]

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Bukak Park Seoul

Photo Friday

The great thing about being a teenager in the 80s is that there's a huge chance you now look better than you did back then. At least that's what I'm telling myself … [Read More]

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Outside dorm window 1990

When I first starting writing GOOD CHINESE WIFE, I thought the natural starting point of the story should include my first year in Hong Kong. Or at the very least I figured it had to be included in this book. It was my first impression of Hong Kong, after … [Read More]

Susan in Happy Valley mid 90s

Last week I learned I have a new publication date. Instead of July 1st, it has been changed to July 29th so the Publicity Department at Sourcebooks can fully maximize their magic. I love it and that's why I was so excited to sign with Sourcebooks!In the … [Read More]

Arc front cover

It's been an exciting few days! On Friday I received my ten advance review copies (ARCs), which are the uncorrected proofs of GOOD CHINESE WIFE! It was amazing to see it in a book format. Here's the cover:I already knew what the front cover looked like, … [Read More]