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Three-book giveaway!

I am so incredibly excited to share this giveaway for three new memoirs written by American women who live and found love in Asia. Shannon Young's Year of Fire Dragons takes place in Hong Kong, while Tracy Slater's The Good Shufu and Leza Lowitz's Here Comes the Sun take place in Japan. All three memoirs captivated my attention from the beginning until I finished in one or two … [Read More]

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Photo Friday


Photo Friday

To celebrate the agreement to restore relations between the US and Cuba, I'm posting  a photo from my trip to Havana and Varadero eleven years ago. It was such an … [Read More]

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Kids on the river

Some days stand out more than others and yesterday was definitely one of them. My friend Natasha asked a while ago about going to Chinatown for dim sum with our kids. So rather than taking my normal route of one of two major Chicago highways, I suggested … [Read More]

lamb buns

I've been meaning to try Belly Q, a modern Asian restaurant on Chicago's West Randolph Street's restaurant row, for a while now. Last night I met my friend and publishing mentor Jean Iversen for dinner there.We ordered a bunch of small plates, … [Read More]

Dragon Boats Waiting

I've been wanting to take my youngest kids to the dragon boat races in Chicago for sometime now and was excited it worked out for us this year. A decade ago I brought my oldest son to see this annual festival along the Chicago River near Ping Tom … [Read More]