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YMCA Metropolo

Shanghai Art Deco Around People’s Park

Many years ago I went to People's Park in Shanghai. I remember a time with my dad in 1991, but probably first went in 1988. But my recollections were fuzzy at best. So it was great fun to return there a few weeks ago during the World Congress on Art Deco. And boy was there a ton of Art Deco around People's Park, or the old race track.One of my favorites was Poy Gum Lee's … [Read More]

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Eileen Chang's house

Photo Friday

When I was in Shanghai a couple weeks ago, I came across author Eileen Chang's old apartment on one of the Art Deco walking tours.Isn't it a beauty? Eileen … [Read More]

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With Mom and Mary in Lin Heung

When I lived in Hong Kong a thousand years ago, my go-to for out of town friends and family was either City Hall or Luk Yu, both in Central on Hong Kong Island. I lived all five years in the New Territories and usually had dim sum on campus or sometimes in … [Read More]

Cat in a dry goods store

I've already posted most of my Hong Kong photos, but have several more I took mostly on the streets of Hong Kong Island, but also Kowloon City. I'll probably have one more Hong Kong post about a dim sum institution I went to … [Read More]

Photo by Benjamin Kwong

Part of the reason I traveled to Hong Kong and Shanghai several weeks ago was to participate in the 15th annual Hong Kong International Literary Festival. As a writer, it has been a dream of mine to participate in the Hong Kong Lit Fest, so back in … [Read More]