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Book launch party!

Last night at my book launch party, I told the story of why I was so adamant about holding it at Sandmeyer's Bookstore in Chicago. But when I first talked to Mrs. Sandmeyer about it back in January, she asked if I could guarantee 30 people. I thought I could, but figured if we had a few no-shows, it would still be all right.Well, last night I counted 80 people and still … [Read More]

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Photo Friday

Mexico City

Photo Friday

This photo has nothing to do with Good Chinese Wife, but when I think about the time I spent abroad when my memoir takes place, I can't help but think about the … [Read More]

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On the eve of my publication date, I would like to thank everyone who has tuned into my blog tour so far. Today we finished the Asian bloggers portion of the tour. So a thousand kowtows to the bloggers who participated in the tour and stirred up buzz for Good … [Read More]

Sandmeyer's sign

I was in Chicago today and was driving by Sandmeyer's Bookstore when a sign in the window caught my attention.So I stopped the car in a 15 minute parking zone and took a closer look.I'm so excited about Tuesday's book launch party at … [Read More]

on the shelves at B&N

I've received several shipments of Good Chinese Wife from online stores, but today was the first time I saw it on the shelves in a store!I took my little ones to my local Barnes & Noble this morning to complete their summer kids' reading program and … [Read More]